By Tara Bansal

Published March 7, 2024

At Princeton Global, we are all about our clients (and people in general) living their best, most fulfilling lives. Investments are just one part of that equation. Here is an article from The Guardian that we thought was worth sharing.

Our phones are a fact of life, yet as this article talks about, many of us waste too much of our precious time and attention on our phones instead of being present with the people and the world around us. This article presents some good recommendations on setting boundaries and using our phones more intentionally and wisely.

This quote resonated: “In this economy, we are not the customers of these [phone] apps; advertisers are. We are, essentially, the product, manipulated into giving our most valuable asset – our attention – away for free. The reason that this is important is that ultimately, our lives are what we pay attention to. We only experience what we pay attention to; we only remember what we pay attention to.”


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