By Tara Bansal

Published March 1, 2024

Like last year, we wanted to share some things that are helping us to make it through the Winter Doldrums. Spring is almost here!

Nyda Bannerman – Going to the Philadelphia Flower Show and getting ideas for my gardens this year.  And the excitement and anticipation of a second grandchild coming into my life in June.

Erika Tucker – My three Minions (children) and watching The Sopranos from the beginning with my husband.

Fran Keene – It was so exciting to be able to use the snow blower this year to clean the driveway and walkways around my house. It’s something I haven’t had to do for the last few years.   Now with Winter weather coming to an end it is appreciated because my son will be getting married in less than two weeks. It will be exciting for everyone attending to (hopefully) have Spring-like weather around the wedding. hurray.

Rob Spadaford – My growing family helps me through!

My wife and I were recently married last September and our sons (ages 10 & 7) bring life to our home. On weekends, we love Philly’s museums and fresh air at the park.  At night, it’s hot chocolate, watching Godzilla movies, and board games. It turns out, I’m the house champion at winning Clue. When loud laughter fills our warm little house on cold evenings, we know we are blessed.

Paul Gerard – There is a total solar eclipse running through the US on Monday April 8.  I’m planning a trip to Dallas, but for those interested in seeing it without a long trip it will rip through Buffalo, NY and New England later in the day.

Brett Shaver – Family room fires and reading The Baseball 100 by Joe Posnaski

Richard Moseley – I keep from going completely nuts by cracking hickory nuts!

Dan Hanley – Whether spending time with family in the warmth or skiing with close friends, staying active is the key to keeping my mind off the dreary days of Winter!

Joel Heymsfeld – I look forward to Major League Baseball Opening Day at the end of March.

Brendan McPoyle – With those slight breaks in the weather, I am able to sneak down to the golf course and get a couple holes in.  Come on Spring!

George Wislar – A few things helping me get through this winter are daily walks with my wife Eileen, our two pups, Molly (darker) and Grace, and my bass guitar playing.

Joe Schreiner – I am looking forward to a beach trip this summer. We haven’t decided on a location yet, but thoughts of relaxing and listening to the sound of waves has helped me get through the winter.

Tara Bansal – Besides my usual reading and walks, going to live sporting events (youth, Princeton University, and professional) and playing games at home (Euchre and Sorry) have helped me get through the winter.





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