By Tara Bansal

Published February 1, 2023

I am passionate about helping women. I want women to feel comfortable and, ideally, empowered by their finances. I know that this is often not the norm. Widows are particularly vulnerable and need emotional and financial advice upon the death of a spouse, which is why I volunteer for Wings for Widows (

This article focuses on the emotional side of being a widow. It is worth the read as a reminder that there is no “timeline” or quick way to “get through” grief. We all will lose people we love, and a spouse’s death can be one of the most difficult. I love how this article reminds us not to make assumptions about where someone is in their grief or how they feel and to keep showing up. Many of us often don’t reach out because we don’t know what to say, are afraid of saying the wrong thing, or are uncomfortable with strong emotions. There is no quick fix, but the effort to show you care can make a difference. Keep showing up and being there for those widows in your life.


How to Talk to a Widow


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